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Although I think you may be correct, I’m not sure it is the way I would go. # things I have learned though is:

1.)Coach likes going small or at least certainly is not afraid to

2.) I’m not sure Coach likes to throw freshmen into the fire unless they have exceptional talent

3.)Our front court will be very inexperienced.

4.)Minutes are given out based on defense.

With that being said, I think we will be at a major disadvantage defensively/rebounding with your lineup. MM is a generous 6-0, CS is a generous 6-1 and AD is a generous 6-2. They will be supported by a very inexperienced TK and a fairly inexperienced JG.  IMHO, that is a bit scary.

Offensively, I’m not sure what we have either other than MM. TK is still an unknown with IMO a huge upside. JG hasn’t shown me anything offensively yet other than a dunk. Statistically he and CB are clones. JG is getting more minutes based on a better handle on defense. Although CS and AD seem to be very capable on offense, I still still think the former is more comfortable in the PG role where he can distribute and score when open. AD spent much of this past season as the 4th or 5th scoring option. Only time will tell whether he can effectively step that up.

Hence the conundrum. If I were looking for more defense, I’m going bigger, moving AD to the #2 and perhaps SW to the #3. I really want CS to get his share of minutes though (20-25) although I prefer it to be spelling MM and AD with some more time going small. If I’m going for more offense, perhaps SC as the #3 and AD at the #2. He is 6-5 and may be better equipped to defend the #3.

Off the bench, I have no idea how ready DC will be nor what he brings to the table yet. AP, IMO, is a smaller clone of SC and I see him spending his freshman year growing both physically and mentally for the college game. I believe CR may have huge upside potential but I think he too will need a year to be coached up to the college game. I believe that multi-sport athletes have a larger growth curve in college than 1 sport athletes. Time will tell. MS will be in a short term logjam with MM and CS. He too will grow into the college game next year but should move up to #2 in his soph year and start his junior year if he puts in the time and energy.

In the front court we may see a merry-go-round between TK, JC, JG, CB and SW until Coach can figure out which guys will play defense and which combination works best. Much will depend on who focuses best to the task on hand and is willing to put in the work during the off-season. I think, in their own way, they are all talented but raw.IMHO, we will take a small step nack next season, but I think the future still looks very bright.