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I hesitate to say  much about my own son as I am obviously bias. However, I will say that he is pretty explosive with a 35inch vertical and a legit 4.5 forty time measured at Nike Sparq football camp. Physically he has a college body weighing about 190 lbs.  I believe that he will have to continue to work on his ball handling and become a more disciplined defensive player at the college level. Cole is a natural scorer and has proven it against anyone he has played against including many division 1 players. Obviously his numbers would not have been as inflated if he played for  schools like AP or MS. There is no question the level of competition in our league is very average which in my opinion is a major reason some recruiters over looked Cole.   As a dad I am obviously biased but  I  can without hesitation  promise this, Cole is a gym rat and will work and compete as hard as he can to win.

I am very excited to watch the program over the next four years and only hope Cole does his part to help it be successful.