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I think Kempton is a virtual lock to start at the 5 next season.  Guys his size, with any ability at all, are not bench players in the PL.  He’s not waiting in the wings behind Ralph Sampson.  He is the only legit sized 5 on the roster.  He is not a 6’7″ or 6’8″ guy, trying to play center, who really may be a 4.  He is a legit 6’10” (maybe 6″10″+) with some developed game.  He is not a 7 footer that you are taking a flyer on, as a project.  With his size, there is no way he is not a starter.  Look at Gabe.  He is smaller, with probably a lesser high school resume than TK, and was a starter day 1.  I think you need some beef next to him to clear the glass, and I think that will be JG, but it could be JC, CB or SW.

I am penciling Kempton in next season for 12 and 8.  I think this guy is going to be the real deal.  1500 point scorer, 4 year starter.  Going out on a limb.  I like the pedigree.