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Rich & LUHoops00,
My philosophy has always been that there 3 main criteria to whether an athlete in any sport/either gender can make an immediate impact on the college level.
In descending order:
1.)Physical talents
2.)Level of coaching
3.)Quality of competition.
Based on that my prediction is that Lexi Martins is will be college ready the day she steps on campus. I believe she is now listed at 6-2 and can flat out knows how to play the game. Her coach, Gina Maher is considered one of the top 4-5 girl’s coaches in the country. Although they are Class B (Equiv to AA in PA), they constantly schedule games against the top AA and A schools in the state and Martins thrives in those games. I’m looking for big, big things from her. With Kerry Kinek, Lehigh may have the best frontcourt in the Patriot League for several years.
Kayla Burton is blessed with all kinds of physical talents. She is a gifted 3 pt shooter (through hard work) and it has been said that she has the best crossover ever seen from a girl in that area. However, I think she may need to be “coached up” at the next level. Her coach runs almost no offensive plays. He said they run on a take what is given concept. It’s just a hunch, but I don’t think her true talent has been seen yet. Only time will tell if she will be able to make an immediate impact but she could be something very special at some point. Again, just a guess. She is a 4* ranked as the #25 PG in the country.
The future is certainly bright though in Women’s basketball.