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Cecchini must find an answer to our third quarter disappearing act, as well as figuring out why Colvin isn’t getting the ball to Spadola. He was single covered numerous times last night and we didn’t look in his direction. Why? Why no quick slants to him.  Colvin needs to trust his All-American receiver in such circumstances. Maybe there is still a lack of timing between the two? Lum and Spadola last year seemed to be playing ‘pitch and catch’ at times. We’re not getting rid of the ball quickly, and then after waiting, with pressure closing in, too many passes off the back foot.  These things need to be  cleaned up now.  While Liberty was seen as the toughest game on our schedule, there are no ‘cupcakes’ coming, either. “On paper” we should go undefeated, but we know that’s not where the games are won or lost.  Last night’s game was won on heart and making few mistakes than Liberty.  The D was stretched to the limit and held or came up with the big play when needed. Still, some very poor open field tackling that assisted the Flames in torching us for long gains. While it’s great being 4-0, we should also realize we’re only a few plays from being 1-3 and feeling like Liberty does now. The next coming contests are all the more important. Much improvement needed if we are to replicate last year’s finish. GO LEHIGH!

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