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Was at the game last night, which was really a foul-a-thon due to officials’ whistle obsessions. General non-afficionado’s perspective: It seemed each time we were about to put LIU away, there’d be a mix up in defensive assignments leading to an easy basket. Or they’d throw a pass to no one because SM thought SW was going out rather than in. Entire game LIU was all over TK who responded with a lot of fight underneath. Very welcome response from someone who usually looks very laid back. AP had several three’s roll out and still ended up 3-6 from there. MS had a higher number of minutes at the point. Started by dribbling ball off his foot on in bounds pass, then had a very serviceable, much more aggressive night. MM & CS solid as always.

I’m trying not getting overly optimistic, but I get the sense they’re just beginning to scratch the surface. Rebounding positioning is still a big problem but my bottom line is they hustled all night, got the job done, and they consist of 1 senior, 1 junior, 1 sophomore, and 5 players in their first year of college ball.