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Perhaps a little off topic here but to answer the question of why we are bringing in 2 players with PG mentalities… Over the next 2 years we will be losing 73% of our assists (on a per game basis) and 31% of our rebounds (same basis so CBs #s are extrapolated).

I think those #’s are a little misleading. There are no front court players playing behind established veterans. We know exactly what we have as for as personnel in the front court for years to come. We don’t know exactly how they will improve, but they have all been given a chance to perform. It’s very hard for anyone to rack up big assist #’s with the amount of time the ball is in Mackey’s hands.

MS has not, and will not, get a chance for major minutes until Mackey leaves. I think he will be a very good PL player. I agree with bringing in another PG in this class and have no problem with that. What I don’t get is why bring in TWO and ignore the fact that there is no back-up to Kempton on this roster or next year’s?