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Catching up on these and 90 killed me with line of the day, reed might be able to spell zone but we won’t play one, just coughed up morning coffee!

Minny has size but I think their more proven guys are guards and we know he will want to push tempo like his dad so I can see him Atleast starting three guards versus us and two bigs, and then maybe loading up with a big lineup if we hold our own at guard spot.

CB, due to experience and fact it’s game one on road at big ten school I could see starting as well….I also hope he come out around 17 minute mark of first half and sits next to GP for rest of the half. What a game one for our young bigs to get a look at what we have!!! How does JC and that big ten body and wingspan hold up on rebounding end, I think he will be okay on boards. Has JG gotten stronger? What kind of impact will TK have? If Pitino goes big can a SW at the 3 be a mismatch for us that we can utilize his ability to take a big off the bounce. How do AP and MS do, how ready are they?

Sure glad I am going!!!