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Well, I certainly didn’t dig deep enough re: frontcourt size – ha! But I did read concern in both sources about frontcourt scoring. I hear what you’re saying 90 – if there’s a huge size mismatch, that concern might not matter against us. Lob it in, make a layup, and follow-up dunk every miss.
However I will still reserve hope that the good Dr. does at least experiment with a bigger lineup – unlike the Baylor mess last year. I feel like we have the bodies to try it, and enough of them to absorb some amount of foul trouble. Optimistically, I think we have 5 bodies to play 3 spots – TK, JG, JC, CB, and SW. But I do also realize that 3 of those 5 have never seen the floor in a college game yet, much less a Big 10 matchup.