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It looks like Minnesota’s frontline, although inexperienced, is NBA super sized at 6’11′”, 6’10” and 6’8″ (3 projected starters). Has shades of Baylor written all over it. No matter how inexperienced those guys may be, they should absolutely dominate us in the paint and on the glass. Since they play D1 basketball in the Big 10, I have to think they can dunk and make layups and put backs.

Obviously, highly unlikely, that an inexperienced Lehigh could win this game, but the recipe would seem to be get hot from outside with 3 ball (no SC for us), and hope Minnesota shoots 30% from the field. If Minnesota scores 70 points, I see no way Lehigh wins. Usually these mismatches see the home team putting 90’s or 100’s on the “guaranteed” victims. You know we won’t pack it in around their bigs. The good Doctor may be able to spell ZONE, but we won’t play one.