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Catching up on this, but yes, very big news. I won’t have anything new to say, so I should stop now, but my 2 cents is as follows: 1.) We took a slight step back in academics profile with latest two additions, that can’t be argued. 2.) Other good matches from both academics/sports perspectives didn’t want to join, that we know, W&M or a Richmond both obviously were happy were they were. 3.) College conference game right now is a land grab, survival is of most importance, now while I think the PL would have survived as is with many schools so identical to one another taht it would have been hard to see one go and see this crumble, I would rather be on offensive then defensive, and that is what the PL did. Our core is intact, but the conference has changed. 4.) We are a lax conference now, wow, defending champs are in the PL – added with us, navy, army, colgate and bucknell certainly brings us to right behind the ACC in terms of lax prowess and depth….lax is our marquee sport nationally. 5.) Hoops auto bid just got tougher.