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I admire your passion Lehigh90 but disagree with your conclusions.

1.) I don’t think there is any iminent danger of losing teams in football or the PL would have likely pursued colleges that would help in that arena. There have been efforts to recruit Navy to other conferences and if that were ever to take place, Army would surely follow. I would prefer having a 10 team conference that would shrink to 8 rather than an 8 team conference that would shrink to 6 and leave us scrambling to find members. I love the pro-active stance.

2.)Who cares about lacrosse or soccer? You should. I attended several lacrosse matches last year including Bucknell and Maryland and the crowds wer as big if not bigger than basketball and the atmosphere was electric. Add the current national champs and an upgraded schedule that will certainly happen and you have some real excitement.

3.)Fordham shared your dreams many years ago and I wonder if there is any regret. Sure, some very good basketball teams come to their arena but they have been a perennial doormat ever since. Losing ain’t fun. Remember we are a school of only 4,800 students with very high academic standards and no real history in any sport other than wrestling. I like the idea that the PL is getting stronger and more stable.