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I apologize for posting the Tyrone Outlaw piece on the wrong thread. If a mod could change it, I would appreciate it.

Lehigh90.. I would love to continue this. The discourse is great and it is always good to be talking Lehigh in a positive sense. I suppose the question is, would I rather we be a relatively big fish in a small pond or a very small fish in a big pond and 1.) I would prefer making the current pond bigger. I think we just did that in lacrosse in a big way and believe me that may be the fastest growing sport in America. I also believe that merit scholarships in football will pull the entire league up. We will never compete over the long term in basketball because the university’s academic requirements won’t allow it. Duke and Stanford are anomalies that would be nice to strive for but we neither have the endowments nor the national reputation to get there now. Even with CJ, we are not a dominant force in basketball. Bucknell will give us all we can handle. American and Holy Cross beat us last year. Where will we be in 2013-14? We have virtually no fan base and a relatively poor record of even making the tournament. NCAA basketball at the higher levels is a very murky, slimy environment that I prefer that Lehigh avoid.

This is all moot by the way, since the administration has assure me that Lehigh is not going anywhere as far as league change.