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And, Loyola being a Catholic school is also surprising to me.  They were in with a bunch of other Catholic universities in the Metro, and now they will be the only one. 

Ummmm.  I think you’re forgetting someone.  Founded by the same order of priests that founded Loyola.  Wear purple.  Call themselves the Crusaders.  .

Ring any bells?

Seriously.  It’s a good move.  Have long felt that the pool of candiates that currently meet the general profile of the PL – small, top academics, generally undergraduate – is so shallow that in order to expand the PL would have to use it’s brand to improve the profile of the new school rather than the new school significantly raising the PL brand.

The addition of Loyola fits that.  they are small, primarily undergrad but a step below the original PL schools academically.  They give the league additional stability, bring a few excellent athletic programs to the league and the PL helps them raise their academic profile.

They are not perfect, but I like the addition.