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I don’t think that anyone would argue that W&M and Richmond aren’t at the top of the PL’s wishlist, probably followed closely by Fordham’s return.  Only problem is that those schools have no desire to leave their current situations and we can’t make them.  Maybe if more drastic changes to the college conference landscape continue, those schools would be a possibility.  However, the PL’s policy on redshirting is said to be a major turn off for W&M football and I can’t envision any scenario in which Richmond or GW would downgrade their A10 hoops programs to the PL.  GW just hired a new AD and is pouring major resources into athletics, they have their sights set on increasing their emphasis on sports if anything. 

I think the PL brass has done an outstanding job handling the situation and have managed to strengthen the conference in very tumultous times.  Imagine being a Georgetown or Villanova fan and watching the Big East be ripped apart?  Trading a traditional rival like Syracuse with SMU?  Conferences are never perfect, and I think the PL has done very well for itself all things considered.

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