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I am pretty shocked by this pickup.  Doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense.   More dilution of the academic brand, and another non football playing school.  I am not thrilled with BU or Loyola for the PL.  And, Loyola being a Catholic school is also surprising to me.  They were in with a bunch of other Catholic universities in the Metro, and now they will be the only one.  All you really get in my opinion with this is great lacrosse (men and women), and not much else.    Shorter drives for American and Navy to play some games.  Basketball wise, they have been good of late,  but not a long tradition to speak of.  It’s a good move for Loyola, but not sure if great for PL.  They need more full member football schools.  But, moving forward the NCAA basketball bid has gotten tougher with the addition of BU and Loyola.