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FU a much better team.We needed a perfect game.Didnt get it.
O is good.OL very good. BB w/in his limits is fine.A system QB. Farrell awesome
D, a mess.Some bright spots,but not many.Partly due to FU talent.DL wiped by mid 4th,we only rotated 5,Why?
LBs were good kept us alive.Ward ,as usual,did well.CBs were outclassed totally.Not many passes were contested.I know we play behind WRs but this was ridiculous and ineffective as FU beat us long anyway.The 3 FU wrs had a field day.Hill at FS was toast,kept biting in leaving his side ooen for long passes.2ndary thought to be solid.Not so much.Some due to lack of pressure on QB.
D inexperience not only reason for this yr’s
Wilcher fine DB coach ,Roberts a good Dline coach.New coDCs.IMO,all 3 areas are suffering with this setup.