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DL 5
LB 12
DB 8
Skewed as many were on STs.
Spme bright spots
Caslow and Ripanti Robb,Newton,Rigaud
The DL rotation has bothered me all season. It makes no sense.Even at home games Roberts does not substitute. Remington hurt? By late game ,DL is done. Even if backup is no more than a doorstop,get him in for some plays to give starters a blow.
The ineptitude of 2ndary due mostly to excellent talent this week of FU’s WRs but also to the system. Bend dont break only works if you get pressure.We dont this year so seems nuts to stick to that system . We didn’t contest short passes and could not cover slants. Wilcher has to nail Hill down to deep pattern first,run support 2nd.

Undersized. Certainlyon DL which is more suited to a 4-3setup. ILBs are much smaller than we are used to,but much quicker and more athletic.Since DL unableto protect them the lack of size is an issue.OLBs are very solid overall.