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Sorry been mia last couple days boys, been running ragged, what an unreal win. When we got down 7 I thought we were dead as nails, but some great defense and clutch shots at the end were enough to pull out tough road win. I knew we could play with this team, we survived Willman being en fuego and CJ having a bad game up until 0.8 seconds left in the game that is! We can beat this team, a healthy Greiner by March and we could be in same situation on the road at BU. Huge win to keep up battle for 2 seed. Great heart type effort. Again, BJ first guard off bench, he has now jumped AD and SC in rotation, and he played some great defense again, and had some nice huge rebounds on both ends of floor, drained nice 3 ball…he is becoming glue guy right now, love the effort here, love reed trusting him on road in big spot…JA had some nice plays and JM as well, JH did to, seniors stepped up(Norcal it was for you)….GO LU!

If your Paulson, how the hell, how the hell, how the hell don’t you double the ball with like 10 seconds left to try to get ball out of CJ hands, make JH or MM beat you with a can’t let CJ stand there, milk it, and then go one on one….what a clutch shot, love that he wanted it despite rough game, love that attitude…love that love that..that is huge growth for CJ right there, that is assassin type shot, cross over and pull up J wow..still in disbelief…..