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IMO Muscala’s struggles were a direct result of Justin Maneri collapsing on him underneath. He had to really fight to get looks at the basket, and when challenged last night, they generally didn’t fall. There’s a reason why Willman got the ball so often.

MM’s game is maddeningly inconsistent. When he and CJ are on the same page, it feels like nobody in the PL can handle this team. But when he’s off and not in sync with his teammates, though, it’s brutal to watch. So many times he’ll just take the ball down himself, hold the ball for 5 seconds, then make a wild drive in the lane or take a low-percentage 3-ball. Having said that, though, down the stretch his confidence and play was key last night.

One last thing: it was obvious that this was exactly the sort of “character win” this team needed – a win where they fell behind to a great team, but found a way to pull it out in the end. The fact that it came on the road, against a team undefeated in league play, in a place that has been a house of horrors for Lehigh over the years (including last year’s PL semis), made it even bigger. It’s the type of win I think every Lehigh fan has been waiting for since they fell short at St. John’s.