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Few thoughts on last nights game:
2) MM has all of the physical tools to be the best point guard in the PL over the next 2+ seasons. He just needs to get a little more consistent with his shot and his head, and if so, it’s game over. I hope he doesn’t continue to taunt us like this. Last nights transition lay-up was a massive play.
3) I really hope HG can get back on track and that it was his ankle that was limiting him last night. As has been said over and over, HG is one of the keys to pushing this team over the top. He’s proven to himself, the coaches, his teammates, and the fans that he can do it. Now let’s hope he does it every time out the rest of the year. Dunk on some heads Holden, no underhand scoops in the lane.
4) I think that was the best defensive effort of the year so far
5) I hadn’t seen BU play this year and was very impressed with their defense and offensive system
6) As for the crying on the BU board and us crying about their crying – I think everyone is being a little too sensitive. Tough calls always even out over time. Not necessarily in one night, or even one season, but they do in the end. I think those BU fans have a legitimate gripe on the foul that was called on Hill when CJ landed on top of him after a pull up jumper when hill was already boxing out. But as for CJ’s antics – they were on him all game, and he hit a game win shot. That was a hard earned pose in front of the student section. Well played all around if you ask me.