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It is by no means a given that McCarthy will be able to play next year; by all reports, he is a long-shot. The injury he sustained was devastating. But, here’s hoping he can make a full recovery.

Most teams seem to have figured out the key to bottling up the Lehigh offense and MM is to prevent the fast break. In a half-court game it is a close call as to who the more effective point-guard is, Mackey or Corey. Mackey is a better shooter but Corey seems to take better care of the ball. If Corey can upgrade his shooting, he could really make things interesting ..

The big question at the beginning of the season was rebounding. Gabe and Holden do not seem to be getting it done, while JA and JM (and recently BJB) seem to be coming on strong. It will be interesting to see if BJ can get comfortable enough at this point in the season to make a significant contribution in the post-season with his athleticism!