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Going to game tonight. First time to Bucknell. I am not expecting a win, but I’m hopeful. I’m not sure BJ going to be much of a factor in this one. Talk about throwing a guy in the deep end. To play so little, then to be thrown into this one will be tough. I do like the fact that he is a quicker defender on the perimeter to control penetration and play tough D at the 3 point line, where Bucknell’s smaller guys like to play. To me, the number one key in the game is that CJ gets off early. He has been pretty much controlled by Cohen in every game between them. He needs to have a big game to give Lehigh a chance. He needs to go for 25, and set the tempo early in the game. If I were Reed, I would run everything through him early to try to get him off to a quick start and try to perhaps get Cohen into foul trouble. And, CJ cannot settle for the jumper. He needs to attack the rim, and go hard to the basket. No fade away floaters near the basket. I know it is hard to go at the rim with Cohen defending and Muscala in the paint, but he needs to challenge those guys early and be aggressive.