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Re: Jerseys (doesn’t sound like they had a real choice)

Visiting Team Jerseys

NCAA rules state that the visiting team must wear white jerseys. The color of the numbers for the visiting team’s jerseys has to be different from that of the home team. Visiting teams may only wear colored jerseys to away games if both teams agree in writing to wearing colored jerseys for that particular game. The home team’s respective conference must also officially certify that the visiting team’s jersey colors contrast with the home team’s jersey colors.

Home Team Jerseys

Home teams wear colored jerseys in contrasting colors to visiting team’s jerseys. If the color of the home jersey has white in the design, it is limited to numbers, number outlines, insignias, college name, sleeve stripes, collar border and side seam. Sleeve stripes and collar borders cannot exceed one inch wide and the side seam cannot exceed four inches wide. Home teams may wear white jerseys if its conference certifies the colors contrast with the visiting team’s jerseys and both teams agree to it in writing before the game.

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