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Thought Mike looked rattled after first quarter, threw off back foot a couple of times, number of over throws.  Would have liked to stretch the field a little more and take advantage of our superior speed.  Barket reported to be near 100% and he looked solid.  Worried about front 7 D, agree with Rich on depth there.  Hope OL injuries not serious, could not run the ball consistently after Vuono and Ruley? went out.  I thought maybe our special teams have improved with KO into end zone consistently and 44 yard FG attempt was long enough but just wide.  However 40 yard attempt was a dud, not sure if snap was bad or what.   5 great punts, but one stinker.   Suggs very good on punt returns.

Have to give some credit to Monmouth, they adjusted well after 1st qtr.  suspect they are better than advertised.

Lot of lessons learned from first game (as usual), proof of pudding will be if they are clean up for CCSU next week.  Until then, jury is still out on how good this team is, IMHO.