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I was not able to watch the game, but have several thoughts based on what I read and saw in highlights:

1) If Peery makes two easy field goals, this game’s out of reach. LU needs to start playing like a real FCS team and get a long snapper, holder and FG kicker who can make 90 percent inside the 40. This shaky kicking game has gone on too long. Recruit from the massive number of quality soccer players on campus, if need be.

2) As Andy noted in postgame, this was a (huge), veteran Monmouth team. This was not some pushover … LU injuries (Andy said Pellegrini, fourth-string center, had to finish up)  played a role, and guys will have to step up. Monmouth probably one of better teams LU will face this year.

3) From what I saw (though I heard about dropped kickoff), Knott reminded me of a small Gerran Walker. Huge upside. Is he THAT shifty and fast?

4) It will be interesting to see what happens this week. Should be easier game, but … you never know … Which LU team will show up? Who’s still hurt?How much depth does this team really have?

5) Sounds like this is a game Colvin can build on, much like previous QBs have done in early season games, from Borda to Clark to Lum. Colvin has the physical tools. That said, two or three more games like this and LU might want to give an underclassman an opportunity under center to prepare for next year and the year after.