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Personally, I love this. I was a big fan of JRG when we were initally recruiting him, and I think it would be great to have him in Bethlehem.

First of all, the guy looks like a ton of fun to watch. He would probably be right in the mix today for a PL dunk contest, and he seems to try to dunk everything.

Beyond that, in my opinion, last year’s team proved the value of role players and energy guys. Not everyone is going to be a double digit scorer, and not everyone is going to start, but Lehigh sorely missed John Adams and Justin Maneri last year. I think the team lacked toughness, energy, and athleticism at times – three things that JRG appears to have in abundance. I think he could turn into an awesome energy, offensive rebounding, dunk machine that would be a tremendous asset. Time will tell of course.

Lastly, sitting out a year will allow him to acclimate to the program, get stronger, get better, and be ready to contribute for three years.