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Although I read somewhere, that JRG was attempting to transfer without penalty, I agree it would better on so many levels for him to take a year off.

In some ways, he reminds me of CR in that he was a prolific scorer and a very good rebounding guard in HS. CR played his basketball in a less than high caliber area while JRG played his at a relatively low level. Remember that Tennesse breaks it’s divisions down to A, AA, AA , II-A, II-AA. JRG played in the 4th level. One difference is that JRG went to high-exposure camps and CR did not (I think).

My biggest concern however is that he may be a 1 or 2 trick pony. He dunks the basketball and can rebound well for a guard. He has taken very few 3s. He averaged less than 1 assist/g, just slightly more than 1 block/game for a guy with apparently a big vertical leap. He had very few steals. I think he impressed a lot of scouts with his athleticism and jumping ability but I get the feeling he may need to get coached up. CR seems to have a much more well rounded game but he too will likely need a year to acclimate himself to the college game.

On the downside,if JRG does sit out a year, someone will need to replace half of the team in 2017. AP, SW, TK, DC, MS, CR and JRG will all be seniors. Just a thought.