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I like this pickup for a couple of reasons.  First, obviously, he did not produce big numbers on a terrible team, BUT, when he got minutes, he showed nice production.

He played 20+ minutes in only 4 games.  In 3 of those 4 games, he went for double figures (12, 13 and 16), and one of those games was against Ole Miss.  It may have been garbage time, but those are nice scoring totals when he got run.  The other impressive thing to me is that in 2 of those 20+ minute double figure scoring games he went 7-8 from the line and 7-9 from the line.  That tells me that this guy is a slasher who likes to attack and challenge at the rim.  Without CJ, BB, and HG next year, this team is lacking in wings who like to slash and attack.  The best we have at that returning is AD, and we all probably agree he is not the answer to that need.  We have plenty of shooters from distance, but in games where your outside game is off, you need guys who can get to the rim and get to the line.  CJ lived at the line in his career.  Maybe this kid can do the same.  Like it, hops and a slasher who plays above the rim.