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SB…..Just saying, where is it written that he received an athletic scholarship? Certainly nothing from the administration. Then again, what else is new? After all, we all – or at least many of us- assumed for the longest time that BJ got a free “athletic” ride when in fact he didn’t. If JRG was in need of financial assistance – and I’m not saying he was – there were undoubtedly other programs of aid open to him. Looking back on his first year numbers at Lipscomb, they didn’t rock. Was he a hot commodity at season’s end? I can’t say he was. In housing terms, was it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market when he decided to pull up stakes at Lipscomb? I’m betting the former. Finally, were we so sure of our needs, looking one to two years out, that we would let go of another scholarship at this time? I’m thinking, “no.” Therefore, call it my gut opinion. I have to see it (award of an athletic scholarship) to believe it.