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Bison 137 is right to bring up the notion of a “counter.” The NCAA defines such a person as “an individual who is receiving institutional financial aid that is countable against the aid limitations in a sport.”

Two thoughts come to mind here. Perhaps Bison 137 could further educate us.

One, wonder if the aid an individual receives is not deemed “institutional,” (four examples follow), would that individual be deemed a “counter?” I presume not. For example: (1) Aid from Parent and Legal Guardians, (2) Prepaid College Tuition Plans, (3) Outside aid awarded solely on the basis of having no relationship to athletic ability, and (4) Outside aid awarded where athletic participation is a major criterion, provided the value of the award or in combination with other athletically related financial aid does not exceed the value of a full grant-in-aid or the value of the award in combination with non-athletically related aid shall not exceed the student’s cost of attendance. If the recipient is recruited, he/she is considered a counter and the amount is applied to the maximum award limitations for the sport in question.

Two, the idea as expressed in (4) above when it states “if the recipient is recruited.” Does this mean an active recruit or would it include athletes formerly recruited as was the case with JRG?

All this is to say that I still believe there’s a chance we’ll get to know JRG as “walk on.”

Expect for the saga of Cole Renninger, never has a relative unknown received so much attention on our board. Hey, it’s the off-season. What are we to do?