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Agreee on clutch factor, as Duke and X games were bad, on a relative basis to 78% on season and 2nd ranking in ncaa pre-playoffs. MM, as a PG, does shoot FTs well though overall, so that is a good thing, but late in games and in big situations yes he has struggled. Overall, it is great he is a good FT shooter and sure clutch situations will improve from his experiences this year. The shooting, we expected it to pick up and it did, and I think we’ll continue to see that as MM has proven to be a hard worker. I know I’ve seen CJ quotes praising how hard MM works, so I think he’ll pick it up over next two years. I’m not sure he’ll be lead scoring option post-CJ, think that is very much predicated on what DC and JC do. I think DC could be a big time player and factor, and take over leading scoring duties in his sophomore year, and hopefully JC is an athletic 3/4 hybrid who can stroke it.