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In case anyone is interested, I did a bit of research on this topic and found that Lehigh’s win last night has some long term implications for the Patriot League and perhaps Lehigh in particular.
Money is awarded to a conference based on the # of games played. I Believe the current amount is about $250,000 and is paid for 5 years or a total of 1.5 mil. Although the amount is adjusted annually, the win over Duke will add an additional $250,000/yr or 1.5 mil through 2017. The benefit of Bucknell’s win over Kansas in 2005 likely expired 2 years ago and the win over Arkansas expired last year. How that money gets split is up to each individual league. Many seem to give the winning team about half with the rest allocated evenly or based on some formula involving record. Of course, that is after what the league takes out for expenses. Much of Lehigh’s cut may be need to keep it’s head coach.