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SB, I’m interested to know why you feel that way. I hope he turns out to be a terrific find however this is what I see right now.

First, I think there is a bit of a disconnect between the team and the local community (hance lack of fan support). He grew up in the Lehigh Valley, and on the rare occassion that there is a high academic D1 player coming out of the valley, I think he should go to Lehigh. Griffin should help with that, and we are currently recruiting a senior from CCHS.

Second, he was an excellent player that had injury problems but I don’t think that has a lot of bearing in this situation. Jumping around as a player is never a good thing, but it helps for a coach to have played under so many different styles/coaches and to take a bit from each.

Third, his job at the hoopgroup was to put together “team events” which I believe are tournaments, showcases, etc between actual high school teams and not AAU. What this means is that he should have a full rolodex of all the coaches of the top high school teams in the mid-atlantic. Thr private schools that pump D1 guys out every year. That is huge to me. If those coaches know/trust Griffin, that seems like it could pay dividends down the line.