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SB…I always respect your opinion and I hope you are spot on but you may have been mislead about the local connection. As I recall, Kyle was one of three freshmen starting on the CCHS basketball team. There was significant anticipation of a run at the State Championships in a few years. He was transferred after that freshman year to GA. I remember some public animosity about the move. He hasn’t really been back since.

I absolutely agree about the disconnect but unfortunately the Lehigh Valley has never been a Mecca for boy’s basketball. Finding an athletic/academic match has been fairly futile since Mike Polaha. Brian Hunter was POY in the LV and was a walk-on for a year before transferring. We briefly pursued Noack and Husek this year but offered neither of them.

Sue Troyan however has made the most of her CCHS connections recently though. :-)

I look forward to KG’s run here though and wish him the best of luck.