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The latter apparently demands someone with keen managerial/logistic/administrative talents – something Griffin seems to have plenty of.

I totally see where you are coming from ’65 but for most programs the DBO is the entry level post and lowest man on the totem pole regardless of duties. My hunch is that these guys get a lot of help on travel and other logistics from other parts of their Athletic Departments, and focus on more program related matters, but I could be wrong. Almost every program in the country (notable exception being Iowa) has a very young, aspiring coach as their DBO. Almost like working in the mailroom.

By virtue of his work with the Hoop Group I think Griffin had a stronger resume than Knight in coaching circles. Also, we don’t know what Ott’s specific responsibilities were and if they were a better fit for Griffin or Knight. If Knight sticks around for a year or two, he will move up to an assistant spot.