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Roughly 16 OOC games to play with, after the 14 PL games. Would like to see 3-4 guarantee type games vs. powerhouse conferences (Big East, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, etc). Then, 2-3 local A-10 or Colonial games (LaSalle, St. Joe’s, maybe a St. Bonnie’s). One 3 game tourney, hopefully at Stabler. We will call that 9 games. Two against the better Ivies (Penn, Princeton, Harvard). Then of the remaining 5, probably 1 fluff D3 game (hopefully not), and the rest against top tier Metro or Northeast Conf. Would like to see Wagner again, maybe a Long Island or Robert Morris. Maybe an Iona or Loyola. I think it makes sense to try to schedule some games in the State of PA for recruiting purposes, even though we are not pulling those athletes, currently. So, I would like to see a Philly game (Big 5 or Drexel) and a Pittsburgh game (Pitt, Robert Morris) . Would love to see a game vs. Villanova, Temple or Penn St, but that is probably a dream.

Also, have to factor in that they will probably play the guarantee games against competition where the upcoming senior class grew up. For CJ, that could mean Ohio State for sure. Gabe got his Iowa State game this season and Holden got his Michigan State game this season. But, definitely Big 10 or Big 12 games for those 3. Maybe Iowa makes sense in Iowa City. Or, Michigan in Ann Arbor. Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana would also be great games.