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This is a question that I think about often. Saw a lot of both of them. And, their games are pretty different. Darren was an incredible leaper, and rebounder. He could shoot it pretty well also, but really dominated games inside and slashing to the hoop. He put up some monster games. He could really dunk the ball. Competition wise ECC vs. PL, hard to judge, although I thought ECC had more talent.

On the one hand, CJ will play in the NBA, Darren never did, so I guess you have to say CJ is the better player. But, I loved Darren’s game, and I would take him with a slight edge. I think Darren was hurt by the fact that he was an odd size and his game did not translate to the next level, like CJ’s hopefully will. Although Darren had a really long European career and was close to making a couple NBA rosters. I just saw Darren dominate games more often than CJ has, and that is probably due to CJ being a guard, whereas Darren was really a big man in a small body, but with leaping ability that made him a lot taller. He was fun to watch. He could put up 35 easily in games. Tough call.