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In my opinion, Northwestern, nationally, is not a great job and an almost impossible place to win.  You are going to be the doormat of the Big 10 every single year.  For that reason, I don’t think a hot commodity assistant from a major program, or a hot commodity coach at a solid program would jump to go there.  For that reason, I think guys like Collins and Tommy Amaker, may have better options in power conferences, where you could actually win.  At NW, you are most likely setting yourself up for failure, due to the conference and the academic requirements.  All that being said, it is a huge, huge, huge step up for a guy like Reed.  No brainer, he’s on the next plane.  But, my point in all this, is that a school like NW probably can’t get the hot coaching commodity, so they may have to move down their list, to a guy like Reed.  Geographically, it would also be a great choice for Reed if he wants to get back to the Midwest.

The natural progression for a guy like Reed would be A-10, MAC, or even perhaps Metro Atlantic (although that jump would be questionable).  If you can skip that intermediate step and jump to the BCS level, you have to jump at it.