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I know this is a football thread, but having attended from 1968-1972, I can attest at how tough things were in athletics at that time. Gerry Lehman & wrestling were in decline, football had just gone through dreadful seasons after Bill Leckonby, and the basketball team was bad. As a student, I didn’t realize how bad basketball was. And continued to be historically bad until Fran McCaffery. Between 1929 and 1980, Lehigh had 3 winning basketball seasons. Three! There were no coaches with winning career records between Charles Lingle (13-1 in 1925-1926, his only season) and McCaffery (49-36 1985-1988). Even Pettie Carril coudn’t win here. Steck ran great intramural programs, but apparently nothing else in athletics (except wrestling) got much attention from the administration.