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Actually it doesn’t have to be a 10 day trip and it doesn’t have to be literally overseas. If the point of the excursion is to evaluate all the new players and getting them to gel early, that can be accomplished with a 3-4 day trip to Canada.
Duquesne used to do this trip every 4 years. Since there was always a large turnover, the timing always seemed to be right. They would play 4-5 games over that period, usually against all-star teams or semi-pro players. It could serve as a homecoming game(s) for SC and also an opportunity to recruit that area. I’m guessing it would not be that much more expensive than the homecoming trips we have made recently to Texas (2X), Michigan, California etc.
Just a thought. If I see BR, JS or BG over the next several weeks, I will ask about it. Any other questions you or anyone else would like asked?