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I missed the Fairfield game due to a prior commitment. Managed to see this year’s team play Penn though. For not being there Lehigh90s synopsis was spot on IMHO.
I thought Gabe was the best player on the court yesterday. He seemed to be able to post up at will although will didn’t seem to come around as often as I would have liked. It seemed like every rebound he got was a battle. HG had a nice game too. He showed me plenty of hustle. CJ seemed to have one of those games I’ve seen so often in the past. He didn’t seem quite into it but when all the smoke cleared he had 21-4-4. MM is a bit of an enigma to me. There are times he looks brilliant and times he looks out of control but all in all, I’m glad he’s on my team. Like Lehigh90 said, there was almost no production from anyone else. Does anyone know what the status of BJB is? I’ll assume he is waiting for clearance but is it likely to come this season?
Penn by the way impressed me. I don’t think they are all that talented this year but the coach went deep into the bench so there was a lot of motion off the ball and screens galore on every play. Lehigh, by contrast, seemed to stand still a lot and let the ballhandler try to create something. Perhaps it was just my imagination.