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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone on here who shares the same passion as I, LU Basketball. Lots of good commentary to discuss.

1.) Goldy – Listen, I don’t care if he is ready or not right now, he HAS TO PLAY. We have a roster of 4 guys bigger then 6’6, and he is one of them, and he gets 1 minute combined these past two games in preseason NIT. We need to develop this guy, and he needs to improve between now and the PL Tourney, and the best way for that to happen is by getting game experience. Even 10 minutes a game is good right now, we will need him in any heavy whistled game, can’t just have GK, HG, and CB as “bigs”. Just can’t do it.

2.) Bench – Got 2 points vs Penn, we’re very top heavy, atleast until BB gets back. Really haven’t seen JG or CB take a step forward, and we need one of them to break right quickly.

3.) CS – yes, been most pleasant surprise so far through 5 games. His game has improved, as 90 has said. Agreed, he’s above AD and since he is more multi-dimensional then SC he is earning more PT. I don’t think it is a 100% guarantee that he starts next year however. You have MM back at the 1 and AP coming in, and I don’t want to count out DC yet. DC is buried, it is shocking to me, I don’t think it is injury or doghouse related, just think that each other backup guard minus AD brings something more to the table. With AD you have more experience, but I could see DC beating him out by end of yearor once BB comes back and reenters the starting lineup. With CS you got another ball handler and some offense. With SC you got instant sniper offense off the bench. I don’t want to say DC won’t ever amount to anything because he is backed up on pine right now, we are loaded at guard and maybe Reed just bringing him along slowly, aka BB last year. This will be interesting to see how it plays out, but with BB returning, any real shot at minutes this year seems low right now, as he’ll be behind MM, BB, CJ, and CS at a minimum. Can he beat out AD and SC by end of year, I guess that is the question, but not sure of it, and if he does he is still the 5th guard at best.

4.) Next Year – Agree with 90, going to have a ton of holes to fix, obviously. I think we’re all pretty high on AP and SW, and TK as a class. TK has at the least has a couple things going for him. First is size, in recent tweets back and forth between him and GK, TK showed pics of him being taller then his old man and GK said that both TK’s were taller than him. So of the listings we’ve seen on TK, it appears 6’9 is a legit height, and he appears to be getting stronger. Second, good bloodlines and work ethic to get bigger and better. Maybe he’ll be a steal for us. We got JC back next year, so those 4 need to be immediate impact. I am leaning way towards BB not being back next year, just can’t see it happening at this point, I really can’t. So assuming BB is out, you got the following next year:



In other words, without BB, guess what, we could be playing TWO MEN DOWN again next year. Wouldn’t that be lovely. If JC and SW are legit, we could be pretty solid next year, because I think we’ll still be decent at guards with MM, CS, and hopefully a day 1 ready AP to add to DC/SC/AD. We should be good at guard play, not great, not phenomenal, but should have a good mid-major guard attach. If JC and SW are both legit, well then you got some hybrids/mismatch forwards to add to JG and TK up front.

Either way, if BB stays or goes, we got one more scholly. I really hope we learn from this year and USE IT.