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Sorry for the late post.

I was at Penn game, too.

1) Attendance was dismal, but most kids had gone home for holiday.

2) CJ: Great player, but this game showed what could be his Kryptonite: collecting too many fouls. He sat in first half after getting two fouls.

CJ tries to do so much (and drew one or two offensive fouls), but he’s needed as an offensive threat. Great defender, too, but has to be careful.

3) Knutson probably had best game on court.

4) Lehigh needs to have more guys in game to help spread the foul load to cover opposing big men.

5) Corey Schaefer was biggest upside surprise for me. Handles ball well and, judging from shoot-arounds before game, can nail it.

6) Greiner played his tail off, though not on his best shooting game …

7) Cvrkalj looked great in shootarounds. Wish I could have seen him play more.

8) I heard some serious doubt as to whether BJ would be back — a huge loss for the team, but perhaps in his best interest academically. He’s gone through a lot:

As we all know, academics are way more important than risking our bodies to even more injuries that can cripple us for life.

Should be an exciting, challenging year. What a fun group to watch!