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Great recap.

Of added interest………….

Moring Call reporter, Tom Housenick, tells us in today’s paper that “For the second night in a row, Reed went with an eight-man rotation, getting only 38 minutes combined from his bench.”

Allow me to add a personal commentary…………….
“Of the 38 bench minutes, 12 were awarded to “bigs” and therein lies the problem. It’s become clear that Reed doesn’t trust Goldsborough. If he did, we’d see him pulling reserve duty in OOC play – like last night – when W’s & L’s don’t really matter. That is, of course, unless Reed and Co. thinks getting 25+ wins will get us bid should be fail to win 3 in March. I don’t see that as a viable consideration, however. Remember, Coach Reed would regularly play 10-12 guys in games leading up to January. It was uncommon in years past for 8 players to have 12 + minutes of playing time. So then, why? My guess, barring an undisclosed injury, is that JG and DC are simply not ready to defend the ball in the manner needed at this level of play. Nothing gets under the Good Doctor’s skin more than giving up easy baskets and poor defense, in general. Unless that condition changes and changes soon, we’re left hoping – perhaps against hope – that Gabe and Holden can (a) give us 28+ minutes/night and (b) make it through the season unscathed by injury. Both are mighty tall orders. Oh, how I wish Jesse Chuku could trade-in his practice jersey for a game-day jersey.”