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Only a couple takeaways for me boys:

1.) Hard to win when every miss shot from opponent turns out to be an offensive rebound and put back. Also hard to win when you’re giving up a ton of open or un-contested J’s from perimeter. Defensive intensity, simply not there right now. It could be for a lot of diferent reasons, which we could debate, but its simply not there, yet…

2.) Kempton – It is easy to talk a lot about what he isn’t right now in his first 5 games. He isn’t a leaper. He isn’t a physical specimen. He isn’t a rebounder. He is not a great defender. A few of those will all come with time – now I don’t expect him to ever have a Blake Griffin vertical jump, ahha, but the legit frame and muscle he already has on his frame, it is easy to see him picking up another 20 pounds of muscle to add to a nice frame already. I’d also assume he gets quicker with college weight program, again not going to be speed merchant, but he’ll get quicker. With experience and coaching, and with above weight/speed, he’ll be a better defender. Rebounding, again, all of the above things should help him in that department. Will he ever be Kevin Love cleaning 12+ a game, probably not, but he should be adequate by time he is done from here.
Now look at what he is already, 5 games into career, he’s going into an ACC barn and controlling the paint in offensive end. He has legit post moves and legit size, you rarely ever see that in PL. He clearly knows how to score, has a nice soft touch. SHowed hook shots, up and unders, spins, face up jumpers….such an impressive offensive arsenal. THis guy is going to average 15 a game by time year is over and by time he gets through with PL schedule, we’re looking at 1800+ point scorer if all things hold. Muscala and Knutson averaged under 10 as a freshman, centers develop and grow throughout college, this is a great start for TK and upside is the moon. VERY Impressed and excited to see him in PL.

SW – impressed me, showed again last night he knows how to get to the tin, against big time athletes. KNows how to draw fouls as well, his upside is big, really pleased with SW, really pleased. He has to get more minutes and I bet he will start to get more because he is playing well.