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I agree with a lot of the comments above. TK’s offensive polish is outstanding for a PL freshman and JC has great potential (I’m also still waiting for one of the highlight reel dunks by JC that we saw on all that U-20 video). But this rebounding thing is not ok, and I don’t care who we are playing against.

If I were Reed, I would start JG and CB next game to show JC and TK that rebounding is important. I’m not saying to cut their minutes significantly or anything like that. But these kids need to learn that they HAVE to rebound. A combined 4 rebounds in 53 minutes from your starting big guys?!?! I wouldn’t let them start until they begin boxing out and attacking rebounds. CB and JG had 6 boards in 23 minutes btw. Also, didn’t AP want to be like CJ? CJ averaged 5 boards a game as a freshman. AP is averaging .6 and only has 3 in 128 minutes!!! It’s effort and toughness and the young guys aren’t showing it.