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I realize this team is young and developing, and TK is an outstanding young offensive player. SW looked good, as did SC, but mostly in garbage minutes when game was over. But, this team has a lot of problems right now. We don’t defend hard, we aren’t tough, we don’t box out, we don’t give a lot of effort on the glass, and the coaches are not helping cover up these weaknesses. Young teams are going to usually struggle at the defensive end, so somewhat expected. But, Reed needs to hold these guys accountable. I don’t care who you are playing, when you are getting doubled up on the glass, and your leading rebounder is your 6’0″ point guard, there are major problems.

Why is it a team like Bucknell can scare these big teams, and beat some of them, and we can’t play them within 20-30 points? To me, it is simple, Bucknell is well coached, plays hard and handles their business on defense and on the glass. We are 10x more athletic than they are, but we are not in their universe right now. Defense and rebounding are “want to” skills, and we don’t want to, at all. There is a role for defensive minded players and guys who put defense and rebounding before scoring. We don’t have any of those guys, that are seeing significant minutes.

On coaches, you knew what you were getting into with Pitt. You played them at their place last year, with a veteran group, and you got your doors blown off, especially on the glass. Then you go back again this year, with younger, more inexperienced team, and trot out same game plan? Huh? Get blown out again, and murdered on glass. How about switching some things up? Coaching is about making adjustments. How about mixing up your defenses a bit? How about slowing the game down, and getting the tempo into the 50’s? It is not Lehigh’s style, but you are not going to be a team like Pitt playing in the 70’s or 80’s or higher. 56-51, yes that is possible, but not 85-82. I guess there is two different philosophies to these games, play to get ready for regular season, and play to win. I would rather play to win.