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One more for you before I go for the day but now that we know that JRG is walk on, assuming we have one more spot for this class to join TJ and KR, do we have consensus that per rebounding issues we use that spot on a forward?

I think we only use 12 schollies Hoops, so I think we are out regardless of JRG’s status. Although, to your larger point, after witnessing the first 5 games this year I think it is a travesty that we are bringing in two more sub 6’2 guys this year. I am VERY excited about Kahron Ross and think he will be an impact player. I’m also high on Jenkins potential. I also like Simelton quite a bit. I have no problem with the guys and talent level that the coaches are bringing in, and I don’t want to be negative on them at all. But this team needs size and toughness in such an obvious way.

Clearly the coaches saw JC all last season and knew the way he liked to play (on the perimeter on offense, and swooping in for rebounds but not being very physical on either end). I’m sure they also knew that Kempton is very skilled but not a leaper or enforcer. How about a true back up 5 man? Preferably a guy with more size and toughness than we currently have, even if he is less skilled. I’m hoping that line-ups next year featuring JRG are able to bring added toughness and rebounding. And I’m sure that a year of experience and weight room exposure will help the freshman. But the backcourt seems so clogged next year that some of these guys won’t be playing, yet I have a feeling we will be pining for more size and rebounding into next year too. Oh well.