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Being a true contrarian, I have another take on this issue. Lehigh, to my knowledge, does not have a true “big man” coach. By that I mean someone who has been there and done that.
Reed and Wyche were both PG and Griffin was a combo guard. To the best of my knowledge Kroogs never played college basketball at Lehigh and seems to focus on guard play.
You can bring in all the big bodies you want but they need to be coached up. TK averaged 16 boards/g in HS but with his height he didn’t need technique. JC is 6-8, 225 with a rock solid build and freakishly long arms that lead his British team in rebounding. CB had over 1,000 rbs in high school.
Rebounding is about instinct. It is is about attitude/toughness. It is about technique and only lastly is it about size. CJ was one of our leading rebounders over the last 4 years and he is 6-3. MM is averaging 4 RBs per game and he is one of the smallest players on the court.
Aaron Gray was one of the softest 7 footers I ever saw in HS. Pitt redshirted him a year where he worked continuously in the weight room and then continually with a coach who worked on his technique and toughness. He has been playing in the NBA since 2007.
We should be spending an entire practice weekly with a lid on the basket, our big guys battling mano to mano for the ball on each shot. The ones who begin to toughen up, establish their position, box out…they ar the ones that get the minutes. Our entire front court has turned over in the last 2 years..the lack of rebounding production hasn’t. That is a sign of a lack of coaching IMHO.